Behavior specialist at Colorado school lifts student by neck

A school employee in Pennsylvania was caught on video surveillance lifting a student by the neck. (CNN Newsource/WTAE)

RANKIN, Pa. (CNN Newsource / WTAE / WKRC) - A school in Pennsylvania just released a shocking surveillance video of an employee lifting a student by the neck off the ground.

Joseph Golden III was identified as the man grabbing the 13-year-old student and dragging him down the hallway. He is a behavior specialist at the school.

Rankin Promise is a Woodland Hills school that teaches kids with behavioral problems.

Golden's lawyer said, "The kid didn't go to the hospital. He didn't go to the doctors. He told the principal he wasn't hurt. This isn't a simple assault."

He went to court to face charges of endangering the welfare of a child and simple assault.

"This young man left class two or three times. He returned him two or three times. And then, you know, the kid finally just said 'I'm gonna do what I want,'" said Golden's lawyer, after explaining that this boy repeatedly disobeyed supervision.

The boy was not hurt from the incident, but officials from Woodland Hills say Golden will be fired based on the video.

"Where's the line? We let students do whatever they want. They talk back to the teachers. They M-F the teachers. M-F the security people. And we're supposed to say that's okay?" Golden's lawyer added.