Woman discovers 6-foot honeycomb, 120k bees in her ceiling

Woman discovers 6-foot honeycomb, 120k bees in her ceiling (Photo: USDA / MGN Online)

DECATUR, Ga. (WKRC) - A Decatur, Georgia woman didn't think too much of it when she heard a little buzzing around the side of her house.

That is until Lisa Ohrmundt called her friend, a beekeeper, to investigate.

CBS News says the beekeeper came over and tried to lure a few hundred honey bees from the outside of her house into a bee box.

Then, the beekeeper discovered about 120,000 bees inside Ohrmundt's ceiling nesting in a 6-foot-long honeycomb.

She says she never heard the buzzing coming from her ceiling.

"It looked like a scene from 'Dexter,'" Ohrmundt told CBS News. "There was plastic everywhere, everything was taped off. I stuck my head under the plastic as the beekeeper got to work."

A video from Ohrmundt shows the beekeeper using a heat censor to detect the hive, climbing a ladder and cutting a whole in her ceiling to expose the bees.

CBS News also says the beekeeper was stung about 10 to 15 times and he plans to safely relocate the bees.

"This guy said this hive has probably been in there at least 2 years," said Ohrmundt.

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