Family 411: Cubigo app helps seniors get used to technology

Cubigo app helps seniors get used to technology (WSYX)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKRC) - Baby boomers and seniors either embrace smart technology or stick with what they're most comfortable with to stay connected. Some elders are able to adapt to the rapidly changing world of technology with a little help.

Barb Pelleriti is torn between her tablet and the tangible nature of paper. "Right now, I prefer paper because I can see it I can write it on my calendar for me I still like the paper."

She looks at her smartphone and tablet as good for some things but a burden for others. She says it's hard to keep up. "Pretty bad, pretty bad. I can do emails I can search but ordering things is really hard."

Christine Bush is helping Barb and her neighbors at Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber adapt to smart technology. "Some of our residents come with a lot of computer knowledge some come with very little and we need to have a computer system to connect everyone that works on every level."

Just this year, Christine introduced Barb's retirement community to an app called Cubigo that started overseas. "In Belgium, they use this company in neighborhoods to keep neighborhoods connected."

She's molding the app's features to fit their lifestyle. The icons are user-friendly. "If it's easy to get the information, we'll use it over and over and over again."

Everything at their fingertips, from community newsletters to what's on the dinner menu and new ideas to explore. "We also have features on there that will allow them to send in a work order if they have a leak in their apartment."

It provides baby steps on a fast-changing digital path. "It's the senior living facilities being ahead of the game and starting it, even if it's baby steps now. In ten years, I think, it'll be the norm to have an app you show your resident the minute they move in."

Paper newsletters in their mail cubbies will soon be a thing of the past. "It's a new learning curve, it is, it is, I may get it yet."

And Barb may also switch from paperbacks to e-books. "I'm going to give it a test run."

Christine expects the Cubigo app will be offered soon at other retirement communities throughout the United States after completing its pilot program where Barb lives.

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