Family 411: Protecting babies from cold and flu

Protecting babies from cold and flu (WSYX)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) - Cold and flu season can be a scary time for new parents as they try to protect their babies from infection.

Rebecca Miller and Aaron Holycross are just getting started raising their first born, Paige. "I'm actually really excited to be able to introduce her to everybody 33;08

With that excitement comes nervousness as mom and dad welcome Paige to their family during flu season. "We're going into February and it's always like a really hard flu season for new babies she has a weak immune system," said Aaron.

ObGyn Dustin Blackwell says with Paige being just a day old and born when the flu bug is in its prime, there is cause for concern. "They're pretty susceptible, especially in the first week time to two weeks."

Dr. Blackwell says breastfeeding offers some protection. "Breastfeeding gives baby the natural immunity buildup by mom."

Hand sanitizer is a must before walking in and out of Rebecca's hospital room. The health and well being of a newborn at home is just as important. "If you look at pictures of a cough or sneeze the amount of spread that those have is pretty amazing."

Dr. Blackwell says new moms and dads shouldn't feel bad about saying no to someone showing symptom. "Giving friends and family the opportunity to meet and greet with the new one but you also want the safety aspect to come in and know when to say you know what let's wait till you feel better."

Rebecca and Aaron say it was stressful enough just picking a name. They'd much rather focus on the joy of parenthood. "You want to hold her dad here you go."

Dr. Blackwell also suggests moms get a flu shot during pregnancy.

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