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LOCAL 12 WKRC-TV Cincinnati - Good Morning Cincinnati - 7am Stumper - Coney Island
7am Stumper - Aug 20, 2014

Winner will receive a family four pack from Coney Island!

The Germania Society will have its Oktoberfest celebration this weekend. Of course, the original and biggest Oktoberfest is in Germany.

Today's Stumper is:
How much beer was consumed at Munich's Oktoberfest in 2013?

1. 4 million liters
2. 5.3 million liters
3. 6.7 million liters

The answer is 6.7 million liters. According to the website of the Oktoberfest in Munich, 6.4 million visitors were very thirsty. They downed 6.7 million liters of beer.  Of course, the Oktoberfest in Germany lasts for two weeks, and not just a weekend. They were apparently hungry too. The website says they ate 114 oxen and 58 calves. This is a far cry from the original party in 1810. The first Oktoberfest was a horse-race that was part of the wedding party for Bavarian king Ludwig I and his wife Theresie. The people liked the race so much, that it became an annual event. That developed in the Oktoberfest we know today. The focus has obviously shifted from horse racing to beer drinking.

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Update From Doppler Tim Hedrick

  A wave of instability is moving into the area from the northwest and will deliver a few showers and thunderstorm late this afternoon and into the evening.  At 3:20pm some thunderstorm activity is entering our western counties.  There is heavy rainfall and lightning with these storms.  We will see a break overnight but a few more thunderstorms will be possible late tonight and early on Thursday.  Our air mass will remain quite warm for the next 7 days with highs in the upper 80's and low 90's, humidity will be high as well...
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