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LOCAL 12 WKRC-TV Cincinnati - Good Morning Cincinnati - 7am Stumper - Bob Evans
7am Stumper - May 01, 2015

Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate. from Bob Evans!

And they're off! The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow. Twenty-one thoroughbreds will thunder around Churchill Downs tomorrow in one of the most watched horse races of the year. The favorite right now is American Pharoah, at odds of 5-2. There are some horses in the race though facing tough odds; 50-1 odds of winning.     

Today's Stumper is:
What were the odds of the biggest underdog to win the Kentucky Derby?

1. 35-1
2. 63-1
3. 91-1

The answer is 91-1. The website about.Com says Donerail, the winner of the Kentucky Derby in 1913, was the biggest underdog to take the run for the roses. The odds of Donerail winning were 91.45-1. It paid nearly $185 on a two dollar bet.
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Sunday Update From Scott Dimmich

1:53pm, Sunday, May 3, 2015

Good afternoon! Cumulus clouds have developed this afternoon with temperatures rising into the 70s. The sky will become mostly clear this evening with temperatures falling through the 70s and 60s. Temperatures will settle into the mid 50s for most overnight with a mostly clear sky overhead. While Monday will begin mostly sunny, a sun/cloud mix is forecast along with spotty showers and storms Monday afternoon. High temperatures Monday will be around 80 degrees. After a sun/cloud mix Tuesday, isolated showers and thunderstorms will return Wednesday; highs both days will be in the lower 80s. Spotty to isolated showers and storms will be favored during the afternoon and early evening Thursday and Friday. High temperatures will remain above average Saturday and Sunday; showers and storms will be spotty Saturday and scattered on Sunday. Monday's hour-by-hour forecast and the updated Planning Forecast are on Local 12 News Live at 6:30pm and 11pm...and on Star 64 at 10pm.

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