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11-year-old Guitar Phenom wows concert crowd in impromptu performance

CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- An 11-year-old guitarist is blowing up the internet with his sick licks and jaw-dropping skills.

Aiden Fisher, 11, and his dad were on a mission when the drove to Kansas City to see a Steel Panther concert.

That mission, to challenge the band's famous guitar player, Satchel, to a guitar solo.

Fisher's dreams came true when he and his dad ran into Satchel in the elevator at their Kansas City hotel. The trio talked after the guitarist saw the boy's sign issuing the guitar solo challenge.

We showed him our sign and asked for an autograph, the Fisher told Yahoo Shine. But Satchel had a better idea, He said he could bring me on stage instead of getting an autograph.

And when he did, the band's shock at the 11-year-old's skills were apparent.

Watch the video player above for the video Fisher's dad took at the concert of him playing Eddie Van Halen's iconic instrumental, "Eruption". After finishing the song, he rolled right into the customary follow-up of Van Halen's cover of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me," which the band happily joined in with the boy.

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