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2008 Earthquake in Evansville, IN during live newscast

CINCINNATI (Derek Drake) -- After a 4.4 earthquake shook news teams in the often trembling California, a video from a news station in Evansville, Ind. from 2008 has resurfaced.

The earthquake that shook the studios in Indiana that day was a 5.2 magnitude earthquake in an area that sees less than 5 earthquakes a year on average. Los Angeles experienced 346 earthquakes in the last year according to

Some are pointing to the difference in the reactions of the news teams, wondering if one over-reacted, or maybe the other didn't react appropriately.

See the anchors from KTLA react LIVE on-air to their 4.4 earthquake on St. Patrick's Day, 2014 here. After you watch, let us know on Facebook what you think of the two different teams.

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