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7 a.m. Stumper 3-21-14

A scrap metal dealer paid $14,000 for a sculpture that turned out to be a Faberge egg worth millions. The Faberge eggs were elaborate, lavish Easter gifts created by Faberge for the Russian Imperial family, between 1885 and 1916.

How many Faberge Easter eggs were created for the Russian Imperial family?





The answer is 3 - 50

A scrap metal dealer from the Midwest made a big, if unexpected score, when he bought what turned out to be an authentic Faberge egg.  It's worth millions.  The Associated Press reports it will go on display in April; the first time it's been seen in public in more than a hundred years.  The website for Faberge says Czar Alexander III gave the first Faberge jeweled Easter egg to his wife in 1885. She liked it, so the eggs became an annual tradition. The AP reports only 50 of the imperial eggs were made for the Russian royal family, and eight remained missing before this latest find.

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