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7am Stumper 1-23-2014

Who hasn't thrown a Frisbee? Throwing that plastic disc around can be addictive!

On this date in 1957 toy company, Wham-O, rolled out its first batch of Frisbees. When Wham-O bought the toy, it was called a "Pluto Platter," but later changed the name to "Frisbee."

On what is the Frisbee's name based?

1. Pie company
2. NASA program
3. Made up name

The answer is: 1. Pie company

There was a pie company in Bridgeport, Connecticut, called the "Frisbie Pie Company". It supplied pies to colleges, and students found the tins were fun to toss back and forth. says the students would yell "FRISBIE" when they threw them.

In the late 1940s two inventors started making plastic discs based on those pie tins, and a later version of it was called a "Pluto Platter." When toy company Wham-O bought the toy, it wanted a catchy name and decided to go back to basics and call it what the students did. But, Wham-O spelled it differently, "F-R-I-S-B-E-E."

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