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7am Stumper 1-27-14

Social media mavens have given, let us say, a cold reception to Team USA's opening ceremony uniform for the Sochi Winter Olympics. Some say it's hard to warm up to the chunky cardigans with the bold red, white and blue theme. Photo HERE.

Then again, there's THIS.

What country and team will wear this uniform in the Sochi Olympics?

1. Norway curling
2. Finland skaters
3. Canadian skiers

The answer is: 1. Norway curling

You probably recognized this was a curling team because of the brooms they're holding. This is not their first brush with "stone-cold" styling either. An Associated Press article says they caused quite a buzz at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 with THIS.

They played their opening game in bold diamond printed golf pants. Curlers usually wear black pants, but those Norwegians apparently are wild and crazy guys.

PHOTO:  Cassie Kovacevich / Loudmouth Golf via AP

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