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7am Stumper 1-28-14

The deep freeze is headed for the deep south. Forecasters say there could be snow as far south as the Florida Panhandle. Cold temperatures do dip in the Sunshine State on occasion.

When was the last snowfall in Miami, Florida?

1. 1955
2. 1977
3. never, it doesn't snow in Miami, silly

The answer is: 2. 1977

Snow in south Florida is a rarity, but it has happened. As a matter of fact, we just passed the thirty year anniversary. According to an article on the website for the Miami Herald, on January 19, 1977, snowflakes fell on palm trees and people from West Palm Beach to Miami. It was a freak-- and brief-- brush with winter for South Florida and the only snowfall on record there in the 20th century. The high temperature forecast for today in Miami is 83 degrees.

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