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7am Stumper 1-30-14

Millions of us will gather in front of televisions and watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. The number of viewers can be staggering.

How many of the top five most-watched television programs are Super Bowl games?

1. two
2. three
3. four

The answer is: 3. four

According to the website for CNBC, the last four Super Bowls have been the four most-watched television programs in U.S. history (in terms of total viewers). The final episode of M*A*S*H is now in fifth place. 

In terms of the percentage of the audience, a Bengals Super Bowl gets a prize. The CNBC website says the highest-rated Super Bowl was in 1982, when the Bengals lost to the San Francisco 49ers. A whopping 49-percent of U.S. households were tuned into that game. The website says it's the fourth highest-rated TV show ever, and the highest-rated sports program.

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