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7am stumper 2-21-14

On this day in 1948, the National Association for Stock Car Racing, or NASCAR, officially incorporated. NASCAR is also different from other sports in that its most important event is the first race of the season.  That's the Daytona 500, which is set to run Sunday. The winner of the first Daytona 500 race in 1959 averaged a little more than 135 miles an hour.  

What was average speed of 2013 Daytona 500 winner?
1. 142 mph
2. 151 mph
3. 159 mph

The answer is: 3. 159 mph

In 1959, Lee Petty won the first Daytona 500 with an average speed of 135.521 miles an hour. The NASCAR race car has undergone significant changes over the years and says Jimmie Johnson won last year's Daytona 500 with an average speed of 159.250 miles an hour. That's no where near the fastest average speed at this race though. The website for the Orlando Sentinel says that record is held by Buddy Baker, who ran an average 177 miles an hour in winning the 1980 Daytona 500.

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