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7am stumper 2-24-14

The money buzz around the Cincinnati Reds is the recent contract for pitcher Homer Bailey. He'll reportedly earn $105 million over six years. The website for MLB Players Association says the first million dollar player was Nolan Ryan in 1980.

What was average MLB player's salary in 2013?
1. $2.1 million
2. $2.75 million
3. $3.39 million

The answer is: 3. $3.39 million

The website for the MLB Players Association says in 2013, the average salary was $3,386,212. The minimum salary for the 2014 season is $500,000. Dodgers' pitcher Clayton Kershaw is the highest paid player. Kershaw recently signed a seven-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers for $215 million. The MLB website says that gives him the largest annual average salary in baseball history at more than $30.7 million per season.

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