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7am stumper 2-25-14

Parking has been a controversial issue recently in the city of Cincinnati. New Mayor John Cranley cancelled a planned sale of the city parking operations. Now, there's debate over parking meter rates and hours and locations. It's probably no surprise the first parking meter was used to address issues of parking congestion.  It might be a surprise, however, as to where the first parking meters were installed.

Where was first parking meter installed?
1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2. Oakland, California
3. Oak Ridge, Tennessee

The answer is: 1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

According to the blog site,, and other websites, the first parking meter was installed in July of 1935 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. People who worked downtown got most of the parking spaces and that was hurting downtown businesses. Potential customers could not find anywhere convenient to park. says the parking meter was the brainchild of a man named Carl C. Magee who came up with the idea of the park-o-meter. They cost a nickel an hour, and caught on quickly. says by the early 1940s, there were more than 140,000 parking meters operating in the United States.

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