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7am stumper 3-11-14

Today marks the anniversary of an important milestone for Toyota. On this date in 2009, the Toyota Motor Company announced it had sold more than one million gas-electric hybrid vehicles in the U.S. under its six Toyota and Lexus brands. The sales were led by the Prius, the world's first mass-market hybrid car. A hybrid vehicle is one powered by a combination of a battery/electric motor and an internal combustion engine.

What percentage of car sales is made up of hybrid vehicles?
1. 3.2%
2. 5.1%
3. 7.0%

The answer: is 1. 3.2%

According to the website,, hybrid cars made up 3.2 percent of vehicle sales in 2013, compared to 3.0 percent for 2012. For the last four months of 2013, the website reports the rate was below 3 percent, because of lower gas prices and growth in the truck market. That's a market segment that doesn't have as many hybrid models.

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