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7am Stumper 3-26-14

A new poll finds that an overwhelming majority of moviegoers still count on movie reviews for guidance.  The Nielsen company announced this week that its annual American moviegoing report showed 80 percent of people consult movie reviews at least some of the time when deciding what to see.  

How many movie screens are in the United States?

1. 18,000
2. 29,000
3. 40,000

The answer is: 3. 40,000

The website for the National Association of Movie Theater Owners says there are 39,662 movie screens in the United States.  There are 39,056 indoor screens in more than 5,300 movie theaters and another 606 screens at a little more than 350 drive-in locations.  The website also says in the U.S. and Canada, there were 1.36 billion admissions to see movies in 2012.

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