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The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued a Flash Flood Watch for Fayette, Union and Franklin counties in southeastern Indiana and for Butler and Warren counties in southwestern Ohio until 10:00 PM Friday night. Keep it with Local 12 on TV, online and on social media for the latest.


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7am Stumper 3-31-14

The Reds open the season today with a divisional opponent, the St Louis Cardinals. Regardless of the opponent, the Reds open at home, and there have been some familiar faces in the opposing dugout.

Which team has been the Reds' opponent most often on opening day?
1. Chicago Cubs
2. Pittsburgh Pirates
3. St. Louis Cardinals

The answer is: 1. Chicago Cubs

The Reds have faced the Cubs most often on opening day. According to, the Cubbies have been the Reds opening day opponent 29 times. The Pittsburgh Ppirates are not far behind. The Reds have opened with the Bucs 27 times. Also according to the website, the Cardinals have been the opener for the Reds 16 times.

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