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7am stumper 3-3-14

Last week the Food and Drug Administration rolled out more information on changes to labels on food packaging. Under the changes, serving sizes will be easier to understand, calories will be featured more prominently and for the first time, added sugars will be included.

In what year did the nutrition label, as we now know it, appear on foods?
1. 1970
2. 1980
3. 1990

The answer is: 3. 1990

The first Congressional action to cover food labels came in the early 1900s, but the current nutrition labels came about from the "Nutrition Labeling and Education Act," which passed Congress in 1990. The food ingredient panel, serving size and other information were standardized. Those labels were placed on food in 1991. There will be new labels that are designed to be easier to understand. The revisions will also include a change in serving sizes and information about added sugars. After the labels are finalized, we should see them in about two years on foods. 

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