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7am stumper 3-6-14

How do you get your music? Do you still buy CDs? Do you download? Do you borrow from your best friend? There's no doubt that downloading music has really been embraced. More than a billion single tracks were downloaded last year from sites like iTunes. But in terms of album sales, physical formats are still a big factor. Physical formats are, for example, CDs or vinyl records.

What percentage of album sales in 2013 came from CD sales?
1. 46%
2. 57%
3. 68%

The answer is: 2. 57%

When it comes to album sales, physical formats are still king. According to the website for Billboard, the sale of CDs declined more than 14 percent last year compared to 2012, but sales still made up 57.2 percent of the market for album sales. Albums sold in a digital form comprised 40.6 percent of the market, and vinyl records made up two percent. The Billboard website says 165.4 million CD units were sold last year.

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