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7am stumper 4-10-14

There's been a month-long search now to find that missing Malaysian airliner. Investigators have picked up signals that are consistent with pings transmitted by an airplane's black box. Those so-called black boxes can not only help investigators find a plane, they also hold critical information to help determine why an aircraft might have crashed.

What country was the first to require "black boxes" on airplanes?
1. Australia
2. Germany
3. United States

The answer is: 1. Australia

First, modern "black boxes" are actually a bright orange, and they are technically "cockpit voice recorders". But there is no question they store data that can be critical to solving the mysteries of plane crashes. The devices date back to the 1950s. An Australian researcher, David Warren, thought they could be useful to determine why certain planes crashed. The website for "wired" says after a crash in 1960 in Queensland, the Australian government required them on all commercial airplanes. Australia became the first country to require their use.

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