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7am stumper 4-9-14

On this date in 1959, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration introduced America's first seven astronauts. Ohio's own John Glenn was part of that group, which was carefully selected to take part in Project Mercury, America's first manned space program.   

How many astronauts have been born in Ohio?
1. 15
2. 25
3. 35  

The answer is: 2. 25

According to a NASA website for the Glenn Research Center, 25 astronauts were born in Ohio, and another four have strong ties to the state. The NASA site says those 25 astronauts were on 78 trips into space and three trips to the moon. Of course, two the most well-known Ohio astronauts are John Glenn and Neil Armstrong.  Becoming an astronaut is highly competitive, too. The website for USA Today reported last October that NASA went through 6,000 applications and whittled it down to just eight people for its last class of trainees.

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