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Crayola ColorCycle- Turn Crayola Markers into Energy!

Crayola has teamed up with schools across North America to help children learn their important role in protecting the environment. 

Crayola ColorCycle is an initiative in grades K-12 that collects used markers and turns them into clean-burning fuel.


1. Collect Crayola markers in school

2. Send markers to energy plant

3. The energy plant melts down the markers

4. What is left of the melted marker turns into fuel.

308 markers produce one gallon of fuel which can power an SUV for 15 miles!

The melted markers can be used in boilers, ships, and cars.  So far about 600 schools have started recycling their used markers.

Around 80% of the fuel is turned into diesel, the rest is turned into a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons called light naptha.

Crayola markers are tough to recycle because the only recyclable part of the marker is the plastic outside.  They hope this is an environmentally sustainable solution as well as a teaching moment for kids.




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