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Deputy shoots 70 year old man reaching for his cane

CLOVER, South Carolina (WKRC) -- A 70-year-old-man was accidentally shot after being pulled over in Clover, South Carolina.

Deputy Terrence Knox pulled over Bobby Canipe's truck when he saw it had expired tags.

In the raw footage from the police car's dashcam, you can see Canipe exiting his truck. He then reached inside for something that Knox mistook for a shotgun. It was Canipe's cane.

Knox ran to the man asking is he was okay. He then radioed for help, saying what sounded like Canipe was hit in the stomach, but there are conflicting reports regarding where he was shot.

Canipe was traveling with Carolyn McEntire, returning from a car race in Florida.

York County sheriff Bruce Bryant said neither Knox nor Canipe did anything intentionally wrong, that it was an "unfortunate incident." Bryant said that drivers stopped by police shouldn't exit their vehicles and that any other officer would have acted the same.

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