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Four-legged friends help in the grieving process

COLUMBUS (WSYX) -- She can't utter a word but her presence speaks volumes.

Tara is a certified grief therapy dog at Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service in Columbus.

The 12-year-old black lab is ready to help people through life's toughest moments.

"She just puts a smile on their faces at the most difficult time in their lives," said Roberta Knauf, Tara's owner and handler.

She said Tara can grab a tissue or just sit near someone, offering comfort in her own furry way. Knauf said Tara seems to sense the people who need a little extra love.

"She'll walk into a room, and there may be somebody sitting in the back, in the very back," said Knauf. "They're just kind of sitting there. And all of a sudden she'll get up and go back there and sit beside them. The next thing you know that person is interacting with her. Somebody will say to me that person is taking it the hardest."

Outside of her duties, Tara is a fun-loving gal who loves to play. But when it comes to the business of comforting the grief stricken, she's all ears. "That's all part of the training. She knows exactly kind of what she can do. And a lot of times she'll just go in and lay down beside someone and just be there," said Knauf.

Scientists say pets can decrease your blood pressure, reduce stress and ease feelings of loneliness.

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