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From mangy to magnificent, a dog transformation

QUEBEC, Canada (Derek Drake) -- In 2011, a dog, with extremely matted fur, nearly doubling his size, was found on the streets of Quebec, Canada.

It took six employees at a shelter in Quebec three hours to clean up the little guy. [Click HERE to see a photo of the process]

Workers at the shelter say the poodle-Shih Tzu mix could have easily been confused with a pile of trash because its fur was in such bad shape. He was covered in more than 6 pounds of dirt and matted hair, with his scared eyes peaking out through his dreadlock-cloaked snout.

After his layer of fur was removed and he was all cleaned up, the little pup was handed over to a veterinarian to recover. Denys Pelletier, CEO of the Society for Protection of Animals Quebec said they nicknamed the dog "Rasta" at the time.

The story actually happened in 2011, but thanks to social media, the dramatic pictures and story are just now starting to spread.

According to Quebec Hebdo, "Rasta" was adopted quickly and given a good, loving home. Although the little guy is still fearful of leaving the house, according to his owner.

Watch the video player above for a glimpse of "Rasta" now and some photos of his transformation. Then head to our Facebook page to share this wonderful transformation story with your friends.

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