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Hotel housekeeper tipped $500, surprise caught on camera

PARK CITY, Utah (Derek Drake) -- A video going viral shows the touching response from a hotel housekeeper on receiving a large tip from some filmmakers.

The hotel where the woman works serves as a destination for those coming in to town for the Sundance Film Festival.

The woman, according to the hotel manager, accepted the job as housekeeper when she was looking for a place to stay. Since she took over the role, the manager says she has exceeded all expectations.

The tip and video was the work of Give Back Films. A group of feel-good filmmakers who try to give back to those in need.

The group set up cameras and microphones inside the room and captured the woman's shock, tears and disbelief when she pulled back the covers to reveal a $500 tip.

I cannot accept this. You have to take it back, the woman said after she spotted the filmmakers hiding in their car outside.

"You deserve it," the hotel manager told the woman. "You do a great job."

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