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It is official, this woman is Sexy

PATASKALA, Ohio (Ben Garbarek/WSYX) -- She didn't like her first name so she had it legally changed, but her new name is one you've probably never heard before.

Sheila Crabtree is now legally named "Sexy Crabtree". A Licking County judge approved the change on Tuesday.

"I feel sexy a lot of the time," Crabtree said. "I know I'm not the beautifulist person out there in the world, but it doesn't matter. It's just what you feel about yourself. I'm living for me and not anyone else so I'm just doing what makes me happy."

The name change was originally supposed to be a surprise for her husband. She said he often calls her "sexy".

Now she's getting calls from news outlets in Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy and even India. She was also recently featured on Playboy TV.

Crabtree said she didn't consider other first names. She feels "sexy" fits her personality.
"I'm not doing anything negative or for attention," she said. "I'm doing it for myself and that is really the best thing to do is stuff for yourself, not for anybody else, because I'm not living for any of those people out there. I'm living for me."

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