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Mass. firefirefighters sing Frozen song to scared little girl

READING, Mass. (Derek Drake) -- Let's face it, almost every kid in America has seen, or at least heard of, the movie Frozen.

The popular song from the movie, "Let it Go" has seen a number of parodies, covers, and more, but for one scared little girl, it was the cover performed by her rescuers that made her "let go" of her fear.

Firefighters responded to a report of a family stuck in an elevator last week. When they arrived they found Kaelyn Kerr, 4, her mother and baby brother stuck in the chairlift-type elevator.

The only way the firefighters could get the family out was to climb a ladder up, over a wall. This scared the little girl.

So, one of the firefighters pulled out his iPhone and started playing the hit song from Frozen. It calmed the little girl, but when the chorus hit and all the firefighters started singing, she really became comfortable with them, and climbed to safety.

The family was only stuck for about 30 minutes.

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