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Mom called tramp after breastfeeding in public

RUGELEY, United Kingdom (WKRC) -- A UK woman is fighting back after being called a tramp on Facebook for publicly breastfeeding her child.

27-year-old Emily Slough of Rugeley, England took a break from shopping to feed her 8-month-old child. Without her knowledge, someone snapped a photo of Slough and posted it to a Facebook group called "Spotted Rugeley".

She was shocked at the description on the photo: "I know the sun is out n all but there's no need to let your kid feast on your nipple in town!!! Tramp."

Slough responded to the post, "I am very confident and comfortable with my breastfeeding, but I know plenty who aren't and don't even humour the idea of nursing because of some ridiculous stigma attached to it and fear of embarrassment, humiliation, and non-acceptence. She also organized a protest.

Breastfeeding in public is protected in the UK under the Equality Act.

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