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New FDA Approved Voluma for facial injections

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS/Derek Drake) -- A local dermatology practice is among the first 50 offices in the nation to offer a newly approved facial filler.

As our sister station, News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us in today's Health Alert, it's another way to restore youth without going under the knife.

42-year-old Kate Evans came to Carolina Mountain Dermatology in Arden looking for help. "I felt like my face was not reflective of the rest of my body," Evans said. "I remember walking around with my cousin who is 21 and someone asked if she was daughter and I thought at that point it was time to explore options."

Dr. David Cogburn of Carolina Mountain Dermatology said, "It's really not gravity that's making us sag; it's volumetric loss of the skin, muscle and bone."

For Evans, facial injections of the newly approved Voluma proved to be the answer. Unlike some filler, it's a naturally occuring acid in gel form.

"This one actually lifts the tissue up so you can put it into the skin, beneath the skin and muscle in some cases and lift the entire area," Dr. Cogburn said.

The Voluma procedure is quick, typically it takes less than 15 minutes. Patients leave seeing results the same day.

"Right after he did the injection, I could tell the difference," Evans said. "It made me feel better. It accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. I felt more youthful, like the mother of a 6-year-old."

Voluma may need to be repeated in several months. It is FDA approved, but insurance typically won't cover the cost which can top $2500.

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