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Record cold is possible this morning as we head down close to zero for a low. This would break a record of 2 set in 1960. Also watch for areas of freezing fog near the rivers as this bitter cold air interacts with the warmer river water. This fog could make for slick spots on roads next to area rivers.


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On This Day December 17

On This Day in history:

1777- France recognizes American independence.

1903- Orville and Wilbur Wright make their first flight in a heavier-that-air plane at Kitty Hawk, N.C.

1965- Judy Garland and The Supremes perform at the opening of the Astrodome in Houston, TX.

1969- History is made when Tiny Tim and Vicki Budinger are married on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson.

1975- Lynette Fromme is sentenced to life in prison for her attempt on the life of President Ford.

1982- The Who play their last concert of their farewell tour at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.

1990- Olivia Newton-John appears in the TV movie, "A Mom for Christmas."

2002- McDonald's warn they will report its first quarterly loss in its 47 year history.

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