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On This Day November 11

On This Day in history:

1851- The telescope is patented by Alvan Clark.

1889- Washington becomes the 42nd state in the U.S.

1918- World War I comes to an end and the Allies and Germany sign an armistice.  This becomes known as Veteran's Day in America.

1940- The Jeep makes its debut.

1946- The New York Knicks, then the New York Knickerbockers, play their first game at Madison Square Garden.

1965- Walt Disney announces a project in Florida.

1967- The Supremes' "In And Out Of Love" is released.

1970- "Plastic Ono Band" is released by John Lennon.

1976- KISS releases the album, "Rock and Roll Over."

1987- Vincent Van Gogh's, "Irises" is sold for a (then) record of 53.9 million dollars in New York.

1992- The Church of England voted to ordain women as priests.

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