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A Wind Advisory will be in effect for the entire Tri-State from 7am to 10pm Monday. Sustained winds tonight and tomorrow will range between 15 and 25mph, and wind gusts may exceed 40mph through Monday night.


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On This Day November 18

On This Day in history:

1928- Walt Disney's, "Steamboat Willie" is the first successful sound-synchronized animated cartoon and it premiered in New York.  The cartoon starred none other than Mickey Mouse.

1936- Germany and Italy recognize the Spanish government of Francisco Franco.

1966- US Roman Catholic bishops do away with the rule against eating meat on Friday.

1983- Argentina announces its ability to produce enriched Uranium for use in nuclear weapons.

1990- The musical revival of "Fiddler on the Roof" opens.

1990- Paul McCartney's birth certificate sells for $18,000 in an auction.

1995- The Rolling Stones become the first group to broadcast a concert on the internet.

2001- Nintendo released the GameCube video game console in the US.

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