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On This Day September 9th

On This Day in history:

1791- Washington, D.C., the capitol of the United States, is named after President George Washington.

1836- Abraham Lincoln receives his license to practice law.

1839- John Herschel takes the first glass plate photograph.

1850- California is admitted as the thirty-first U.S. State.

1948- Kim Il-sung declares the establishment of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

1956- Elvis Presley appears on "The Ed Sullivan Show" for the first time.

1971- John Lennon's LP "Imagine" is released.

1999- The Sega Dreamcast game system went on sale.  It was sold out in all US Toys R Us locations by 1pm.


1991- Hunter Hays (22)

1975- Michael Buble (38)

1966- Adam Sandler (47)

1960- Hugh Grant (53)

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