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On This Day Weekend of February 7, 8, 9

On This Day in history:


1795- The 11th Amendment to the US Constitution is ratified.

1867- Laura Ingalls Wilder is born.

1985- "New York, New York" becomes the official anthem of New York City.


1861- The Confederate States of America is formed.

1918- "The Stars and Stripes" newspaper is published for the first time.

1936- The first National Football League draft is held.  Jay Berwanger is the first selected and he goes to the Philadelphia Eagles.

1965- "Stop in the Name of Love" by the Supremes is released.

1985- "The Dukes of Hazzard" ends its 6.5 year run on CBS.


1895- Volley ball is invented by W.G. Morgan.

1953- The movie "Superman" premiers.

1971- Apollo 14 spacecraft returns to Earth after mankind's third landing on the moon.

1997- "The Simpsons" becomes the longest-running prime-time animated series.

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