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On This Day Weekend of January 31, February 1, 2

On This Day in history:


1865- The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution is passed by the US House of Representatives.  It abolished slavery.

1893- The trademark "Coca-Cola" is first registered in the United States Patent Office.

1936- The radio show, "The Green Hornet," debuts.


1861- Texas votes to secede from the Union.

2002- More than 80 artists gather to record the remake of, "We Are The World."  Janet Jackson would lay down her version of Michael Jackson's part the next day.  The song is premiered at the opening of the Winter Olympics.

2003- Nasa's space shuttle, Columbia, explodes while re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.  All seven astronauts on board are killed.


1947- Farrah Fawcett is born.

1950- "What's My Line" debuts on CBS.

1954- Christie Brinkley is born.

1978- Van Halen signs with Warner Brothers Records

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