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Push-Up Jeans gives backsides a lift

VANCOUVER, Canada (WKRC) -- A designer in Canada is now selling Push-Up Jeans, jeans that are made to boost backsides without any padding.

The founder of the Ivido Brand, Ivis Gonzales, says the jeans use shading, pocket placement and special fabrics that will enhance rear ends.

Gonzales is from Columbia where the jeans are made.

"In my culture, we celebrate hips, and I wanted to share part of my culture," says Gonzales.

And instead of numbers, the jeans come in sizes like "delicious", "flamenco", and "salsa". Gonzales hopes the names will improve many women's body images.

Gonzales says she has sold several hundred pairs of Push-Up Jeans in less than a week. The jeans cost $85-$100.

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