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Realistic Barbie doll made by artist, now could be coming to a store near you

CINCINNATI (Derek Drake) -- Meet Lammily, an average 19-year-old American girl.

You may remember a few months ago the viral image that circulated social media depicting a shorter, more accurate representation of the average American woman he called "Normal Barbie", next to the unrealistic, but common Barbie doll.

The artist who created that image was Nickolay Lamm. Lamm received thousands of messages from women, parents and kids asking where they could get the doll he imagined.

That got Lamm thinking. And through a crowdsourcing campaign, Lamm is looking for those interested in the doll to donate money to fund the first production run of the doll he's created, a variation of the "Normal Barbie."

Lamm took measurements from the CDC on the average American 19-year-old and used 3D-printing technology to bring his digital creation into the real world.

The crowdsourcing funds will go to fund the first production run now that Lamm and Roger Rambo, former VP of Manufacturing at Mattel, have found a manufacturer ready to begin production once funds are available.

Lamm says Lammily promotes a healthy lifestyle, wears minimal make-up and hopes it will "promote realistic beauty standards."

He says he's going forward with the project because he wants "Our girls to grow up to be happier, stronger women, truly confident and proud in their own bodies."

If you would like to back this project through Lamm's crowdsourcing campaign you can visit:

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