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Story of dog warning parents of abusive babysitter going viral again

CINCINNATI (Derek Drake) -- A story from September 2013 is circulating social media networks again, and going viral. The story, from South Carolina features a family pet, who warned his owners of a dangerous situation with their babysitter.

After Benjamin and Hope Jordan moved to Charleston, South Carolina they hired Alexis Khan, 22, to babysit their seven-month-old son Finn.

After about five months into Alexis babysitting Finn, Benjamin and Hope noticed their dog was very protective of their son and had become very aggressive towards Alexis.

The suspicious parents put a cellphone under the couch to record what was happening while they were away and were horrified after hearing what the phone recorded.

"It started with cussing, then you hear slap noises," Benjamin Moore said. "His cry changes from a distressed cry to a pain cry. And I just wanted to reach through the audio tape, go back in time and grab him up. To know that for five months I had handed my child to a monster."

A few weeks later, Charleston City Police took Khan into custody.

She pleaded guilty to assault and battery and will serve one to three years in prison, and placed on a child abuse registry, preventing her from ever working with children in the future.

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