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With the exception of Fayette, Union, Franklin, Butler, Ripley, and Dearborn County, a Flood Watch will be in effect for the entire Tri-State through 2pm today. A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for most of the Tri-State except for Franklin, and Butler County where a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect. There are no advisories for Fayette or Union Counties in Indiana.


Weather Alert Radar

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Study finds people willing to take orders from robo-boss

UNDATED (WKRC) -- Researchers in Canada found that many people were willing to take orders from a robot boss.

The researchers designed a series of tests that would see how volunteers reacted to the robot's commands.

Volunteers were asked to complete a list of tasks, some fun like singing and others boring like changing the name of file extensions. Some of the volunteers had a human giving the orders while others took commands from the robot boss.

The researchers found that about 46 percent of the volunteers took orders from the robot for a task they didn't want to do, compared to the 86 percent who complied with the human boss.

The study also showed that a few volunteers would argue with the robot.

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