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Tournament: No girls allowed on boys' team

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (Derek Drake) -- A 10-year-old New Mexico girl, who is one of the best players on her fourth-grade basketball team, is being banned from a statewide tournament.  "Why?" you ask? Because she plays on a boy's team.

Last week the organizers of the "Southwest Salsa Slam Tournament" said Jaelyn Bates' team would not be allowed to play later this month if Jaelyn suits up.

According to the tournament rules, only boys are allowed to play on the boy's team.

A representative of the tournament wrote to Jaelyn's coach and said the rule had not been enforced in the past, but they were deciding to strictly enforce it this year.

Tournament officials went on to say, "If you allow a 4th grade girl to play on a 4th grade boys team, how do you stop a 6'10" freshman boy from being allowed to play on a freshman girl's team?"

Jaelyn's coach and parents are fighting the decision.

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