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Two charged for dog keg stand photo

BROCKPORT, N.Y. (WHAM/WKRC) -- Two students who attend the College at Brockport will now face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges revolving around a photo that appears to show one of the students trying to make a dog do a "keg stand."

Police said they arrested the man appearing to hold the dog in the photo, Shane Oliver, 20, on Monday, and on Sunday, arrested the man who allegedly took the photo, Robert Yates, also 20.

The dog "keg stand" photo was taken Saturday at an off-campus house party on Monroe Avenue, and soon started circulating on Twitter, prompting the dog warden and Brockport police to take action.

"The dog had the tap in its mouth and we were concerned by that," said Brockport Police Lt. Mark Cuzzupoli. "People get very upset over incidents like this."

Cuzzopoli said Yates, the student who took the photo, was apologetic. "He was very cooperative," Cuzzopoli said. "From speaking with him, I clearly dont think he intended for this to be that way."

Cuzzopoli said the dog belongs to someone at the house where the picture was taken, but would not say who actually owned the dog.

Kyle Karst, a student who lives at the home where the picture was taken, said he regrets the incident but feels its being overblown. "The puppy hadnt had a sip of alcohol all night," he said. "It was strictly a joke that went wrong."

Karst added the animal was not harmed in any way, and said the student who took the photo would never harm an animal. "Bobbys been there ever since we first got the dog," Karst said. "He helps pay for the vet bills, and now everything is blown out of proportion."

Brockport police said the incident is still being investigated, but both students are slated to appear in court in April.

The 4-month-old dog is OK, but will undergo a veterinary check-up and is currently staying at a dog kennel in Sweden, N.Y. Its not yet clear if the dog will be returned to its owner.

The College at Brockport has released the following statement: "We were alarmed to learn of this disturbing photo. The College is investigating this matter and will take appropriate action once the details surrounding the photo are learned."

Photo courtesy: WHAM

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