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Westboro Baptist Church protestors run out of Okla. town

MOORE, Okla. (Derek Drake) -- Members of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) were run out of town by a counter protest in Moore, Oklahoma earlier this week.

Members of the church often protest funerals, natural disasters, vigils, etc. contending that God sends grief, pain, suffering, etc. because of "America's tolerance of homosexuality."

In Sunday's protest, the church members had a permit to protest in front of Central Junior High School, the school has been the new home for Plaza Towers Elementary students ever since a deadly tornado ripped through the school last year.

According to the WBC website, protest organizers claim God sent the tornado as retribution against the town of Moore.

"It's just sickening," Amanda Eccles told KFOR-TV. "You know, it's just innocent kids that lost lives and it's sickening for them to even think that way."

The church's permit allowed for 30 minutes of picketing. But after eight minutes several of the town's residents took matters into their own hands.

In a video posted to YouTube (above), the town of Moore, along with a motorcycle group that often rides to counter protest WBC protests, were out in force. As some of the residents became agitated and approached the protestors, police stepped in.

"I was afraid of a riot, really," Dan Eccles told KFOR-TV. "I didn't know how long Westboro would stay, which they were smart to leave. They shagged tail, got in them (sic) cars and was leaving in a hurry. Oh yeah, they was gone!"

It's unclear if the police told the protestors to leave or if the protestors left on their own accord. But police did provide some protection for the fleeing protestors.

The community, united ever since the devastating tornado last year, found yet another cause to come together.

A local business posted a sign that read, "MOORE - 1, WESTBORO - 0; Come back when you can't stay so long."


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