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3 Month River Trekkers Pass Through Cincinnati

Updated: Saturday, November 16 2013, 03:27 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Joe Webb) -- A river journey from Boone, North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico wound its way through Cincinnati on Friday. 

Ned Savage and Clark Chapman started their 3-month canoe trip October 14th on the south fork of the New River.  They went up the New to the Kanawha River and on to the Ohio.  They stayed a couple of nights this week with family in Northern Kentucky. 

Theyve benefited from the kindness of strangers along the way and spend a lot of time explaining why they are doing it.

Ive been talking about this for years, Chapman said from the canoe tied to the Beer Sellar in Newport.  And I suppose I was going to get to the point where I was the guy in the bar talking about something and never doing it.  So Im doing it.

Both guys say they are doing it for the experience and the adventure.  But they also say its because the love the midwests river culture and history. 

They hope their trip draws attention to river life.

So we can also raise some awareness of what these rivers mean to folks and try to get people to think about what it means to be part of a watershed, said Savage.

Chapman, 29 and Savage, 27 are averaging about 30 miles a day on the trip.  Once they get to the Mississippi River, the pace will pick up. 

They are on track to celebrate New Years Eve in New Orleans.

Watch video HERE3 Month River Trekkers Pass Through Cincinnati

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