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8th Grade Girl Attacked on School Bus

Updated: Tuesday, November 19 2013, 01:12 AM EST
CARROLL COUNTY, Ky. (Angenette Levy) -- A trio of 13-year-old girls are charged with assault and complicity for planning an attack on another student on a Carroll County school bus.    
Emily Penn Foster, 13, was riding home on the bus last Friday when she said one of the girls asked her a question.
"She asked me if I still liked a guy and I told her yes," Penn Foster said.
Moments later, Emily said one girl punched her in the face.

Cell phone video of the attack shows a second girl grabbing her hair and punching her in the back for more than 20 seconds. A third girl taped it on her phone. Emily said other students on the bus knew the attack was going to happen and did nothing to stop it.
"I'm upset with a lot of people on that bus...She was pulling my hair. I have two scratches up here and I have two knots on my back because of it."
Emily is sore from the punches. Monday she did not ride the bus to school. Instead her parents opted to drive her to Carroll County Middle School.
"I can't protect my daughter. No one's protecting her. She's trying to get away, she's trying to yell for help," Dave Foster said of the attack on his daughter.

He first saw the video Friday night when the girl who taped it posted it on Facebook. Foster said school officials told him the three girls attended an alternative school because they had been in trouble in the past. He said he asked school officials why those students were not bused separately.
"Well oh we can't afford to bus them separately," Foster said the school told him. He added, "So they're going continue, all these kids with a violent history are going to continue to ride the same buses."
Emily and her family hope some good will come of the situation. She and her friends plan to wear black T-shirts to school on Thursday for Twin Day. The shirts will be marked "stop bullying" on the front and "stand up and speak up" on the back. She hopes to encourage others to take a stand against bullying.

Emily believes others who knew the attack was going to happen should have told school officials. Emily and her family also hope the girls get psychological help.
"I would like to see a great change in them and for them to not do this and learn from their lesson," said Emily.
Carrollton Police Chief Mike Willhoite called the attack "alarming."
Local 12 News contacted Carroll County Schools for a comment. Superintendent Lisa James did not return a phone message left for her.

Watch Cell Phone Video HERE

Watch News Video HERE8th Grade Girl Attacked on School Bus

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