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Animal Deaths Investigated, Cats Under Attack

Updated: Tuesday, December 10 2013, 02:24 PM EST
PIERCE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- Feral cats are a problem in many parts of the tri-state.

There's no easy solution to dealing with them but a colony of cats in Pierce Township along 125, has a group of guardian angels watching out for them.  Local 12's Rich Jaffe says as volunteers try to save the cats, someone else may be trying to poison them.  It's a story you'll see only on Local 12 News.

These are the residents of Eastgate Mobile Home Park, that almost nobody wants.

Cats ... lots of them.

Abandoned, tossed out, dumped; many of them feral.  They live between the mobile homes and an old Kroger store.

Dan Huber started feeding them 17 years ago and made these shelters for them.

He tells Local 12 News, "They're just all kind of special like, people who need help and don't know how to reach out. They don't know how to reach out, I don't know maybe we try to understand them more than our own kind." 

As the colony grew, so did their protectors.  Donna Jasper's one of the volunteers who cares for them.

She says, "It's been a little over three years ago, Teresa Mauch, my best friend and I were here grocery shopping and we saw a little kitten crying back over here and it was hungry and cold, and we went back into Krogers and got food and fed it and that's how we got started.  And we been doing it ever since twice a day."

Up until recently the people helping out these cats hadn't really met each other. They would leave notes for one another.  The notes talked about the status of various animals and what their observations had been of the cats and then these notes in the last few months, gave way to face to face meetings for these feline friends.

The volunteers also try to get the cats spayed and neutered as well as adopted as often as possible.

But around Halloween, things changed.  When Cathy Brunner and her daughter found a cat named Tangles, feet bound, in a plastic bag hanging from a tree.

They thought, "Somebody hanging her up to beat her with a baseball bat. I've seen it on the internet, Facebook; that was the first thing that went through my mind."

Another cat recently died, vomiting green fluid.  A local vet said the cat had all the symptoms of an animal that had been fed antifreeze.

Now the kind-hearted volunteers fear the animals have more enemies than ever.

If you know anything about someone possibly putting antifreeze on the cats food, contact Pierce Township police or Crime stoppers at 352-3040.

The volunteers are also hoping to find a veterinarian willing to donate spay and neuter services for the cats.

VIDEO hereAnimal Deaths Investigated, Cats Under Attack

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