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Deputies Ready for Full-Time Motor Unit After Graduation Day

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 10:05 PM EST
HAMILTON, Ohio (Angela Ingram) -- Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies are one step closer to patrolling on motorcycles full-time.

November 22nd was graduation day for several deputies who trained on bikes with Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg officers. Local 12s Angela Ingram shows us why deputies say a motor unit is a unique tool to help keep you safe.

Police officers and deputies say officers on motorcycles are far different than officers in squad cars.  Now a whole new group is ready to hit the streets on their bikes.

Most of the officers and deputies who ride for motor units enjoy riding for fun. But trainers say riding for a motor squad is a completely different animal.

"You have to ride the bikes and you have to train and it has to be continuous or you lose that edge."

So when Major Mike Horton decided the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department should have full-time motorcycle units, Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg officers stepped up. 

They put the trainees through a vigorous program.   A very intense, mentally challenging, physically challenging motor class and November 22nd was the last day of that class. 

Officers from the University of Cincinnati and Covington also joined the class. Trainers say what makes the tri-state unique is that officers and deputies from multiple jurisdictions all train together; making safety a priority.

Being safe and thinking of safety first before you do anything else, Major Horton says, Having a full-time motor unit is huge tool - the bikes can maneuver into places that cars can't.

Now instead of just riding in parades the deputies and bikes will be a daily presence on the streets.

Earlier this year Cincinnati officers took two sheriff's deputies into the city to train on their bikes. For two weeks the deputies did some policing in the city including making traffic stops.

Video HEREDeputies Ready for Full-Time Motor Unit After Graduation Day

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