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Deputy Saves Suspect's Life after Suicide Attempt

Updated: Wednesday, December 4 2013, 10:25 AM EST
BOONE COUNTY, Ky. (Rich Jaffe) -- The man involved in a bizarre escape and chase is still alive today, thanks to the quick work of a Boone County detective.
Joshua Grizzell remains in critical condition at University Hospital after shooting himself in the chest, point blank, with a deputy's 12-gauge shotgun yesterday.
In a story you'll see only on Local 12, you see how hard Grizzell tried to die, and how hard a detective worked to save him.
A one and a half inch gaping hole was left in Grizzell's jacket after he shot himself with a Boone County deputy's shotgun.
Detective, and certified paramedic, Brad Hanlon explains.
"The bullet ultimately passed through the body, the chest cavity and out the back side and you can see on the shirt, this is the exit wound."
Hanlon undoubtedly saved Grizzell's life.
Grizzell and a companion, Shane Byrd, were allegedly carrying drugs on I-75 Sunday night when their car broke down.
As deputies talked to them, Grizzell escaped, climbing through the front divider of a deputy's SUV. He stole the vehicle and a 12-gauge shotgun. He was found hours later near Walton after trying to break into a home.
Boone County Sheriff's Spokesman Tom Scheben said, "homeowner shot... I don't believe he shot at him, shot up in the air scared him away... of course we still had all kinds of units in the area looking for him still... and everybody converged on this one spot..."
Surrounded, Grizzell sat down with the shotgun in his lap.
After negotiations, and saying repeatedly he didn't want to go to jail, he pulled the trigger.
Sitting against a wall, Jaffe explains, "This is a 12-gauge shotgun like the one Joshua Grizzell had in his hands yesterday and we've checked it a couple of times. It's clear it's safe. According to investigators, Grizzell basically had the shotgun up against his chest like this when he pulled the trigger." 
Staked out at his white SUV, Hanlon ran to what he expected would be a dead body. Amazingly Grizzell was still alive-- with a wound so big, Hanlon could see his still beating heart.
Hanlon broke out an occlusive dressing or "chest seal."
He showed us how he applied it.
"We remove it and it's basically just a patch and when we expose the injury on the patient, we place the patch over the hole. In this case, it would have been right about here. We place this over top of the hole and it creates a seal."
Ten or 15 minutes later, Grizzell was in the ambulance and talking.
"I treated him as if he was one of our own," Hanlon said. "Because every human life is valuable."
Byrd is facing multiple drug charges. Investigators say they found heroin, cocaine, oxycontin and vicodin on him and in a backpack the two had been carrying.

VIDEO hereDeputy Saves Suspect's Life after Suicide Attempt

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