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Dohoney Reviewing His Tenure: "No Regrets"

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 11:05 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Jeff Hirsh) -- Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr. says he has, "no regrets" about his tenure in Cincinnati, and he is, "leaving with his head up."  

Dohoney resigned following the election of John Cranley as mayor, and will be off the job as of midnight Saturday.  Cranley will be sworn in Sunday morning.
Dohoney was an administrator in his home town of Louisville, and then manager of the combined city-county government in Lexington, KY  before  being tapped for the Cincinnati position in August, 2006 by Mayor Mark Mallory.
Dohoney said one of the biggest issues he faced was trying to move the city beyond the emotional and financial impact of the riots of 2001. 

Dohoney said it was critical that the city work on a variety of major projects at once, and remained aggressive on development during the recession. 

While he said the city did not do a majority of those projects on its own,  he said, "Were it not for the citys participation, much of what we are celebrating would not have occurred.   Without the city there is no Banks, no Queen City Tower, no 21C {hotel}."
Dohoney remains committed to the proposed streetcar, and adds the region also should have a light rail system connecting Downtown with the suburbs and the airport. 

However, he said, "Im going to love Cincinnati whether it does the streetcar or not. Ive been all-in for the City for almost eight years. Ive put every ounce of my professional effort into making the city better."
The soon-to-be-former manager said he would like to take another city managers position somewhere else, but added with a laugh, nowhere where the temperature is frigid.   

Dohoney, who was always low-key in his public appearances, said he could only remember losing his temper twice in more than 20 years in public administration. 

I respect the people who work for me, he said.
As part of his resignation agreement with Mayor-elect Cranley, Dohoney will receive one years severance, $255,000.  Cranley is expected to announce a new City Manager Wednesday, but did not indicate if this will be an interim or permanent choice.

Video HEREDohoney Reviewing His Tenure: "No Regrets"

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